Income Investing

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3 Alternative Ways To Hedge Against A Market Downturn

As the market keeps climbing the wall of worry, these alternative investments can offer relative stability and income.


by David Goodboy | June 26, 2017
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$5,300 In Dividends From A $10,000 Investment

It won't happen overnight, but I'm convinced anyone can earn a significant amount of money with this strategy.

by Genia Turanova | June 26, 2017
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Lower For Longer: 3 Ways To Combat Low Rates

Don't wait on bond yields to rise -- there's better income out there. You just have to look for it.

by Adam Fischbaum | June 23, 2017
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The Dividend Experiment That's Paid $115,000

Seven years running... $200k into $350k... Over $115k in dividends... The retirement problem solved in simple math.

by Genia Turanova | June 20, 2017
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Tech For Income? You Better Believe It...

This dot-com crash survivor has made itself more essential over time -- and is now a powerful income stock.

by Genia Turanova | June 16, 2017
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When 'Buy And Hold' Investing Fails

The classic value investing model is a gross oversimplification. Here's how to survive the market's "new normal."

by Brad Briggs | June 13, 2017
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What I'm Telling Readers Who Are Worried

As the market hits new records, the need to preserve hard-earned gains is quite understandable and rational. Here's how I plan to protect mine.

by Genia Turanova | June 12, 2017
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4 Time-Tested, Proven Ways To Actually Beat The Stock Market

Investors who keep these four investing rules in mind collect higher dividend yields and consistently beat the S&P 500. Learn them here...

by Nathan Slaughter | June 09, 2017
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3 Dependable Dividend Stocks For Income And Growth

These companies' reliable dividends and powerful share buyback plans shouldn't be overlooked by investors.

by David Goodboy | June 07, 2017
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The Single Stock Trait Warren Buffett Mentioned 20 Times

Of the nine companies to make investors money during the 2008 and 2009 bear market, six of them had this one trait Warren Buffett repeatedly refers to.

by Jimmy Butts | June 07, 2017